Gillian Anderson as Lucille Ball, photographed by Mark Seliger

so I’ve tried out this awesome butterbeer recipe

I had no idea that a drink with actual butter can taste that great u3u

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sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.


Cats are very important to me.


rainy weather and thunder doesn’t make me gloomy at all it’s more like, fuck yeah this is my kingdom of darkness and i’m the queen


Made a prettier post to announce our store’s grand opening!

So far, we have donated $1424 to various cat shelters and rescue groups! For every 25 plushes we sell, we are able to send over a nice $250 chunk of change to wonderful people that save the lives of helpless cats. Today we opened up our online store, where you can purchase 10” printed plush kitties, as well as catnip toys!

As of this posting, we have 2769 followers. When we reach 3000 we will do a little giveaway to celebrate our wonderful supporters! In the meantime, shop for a new squishy friend and help us help kitties!

Also visit our website to read the cats’ stories!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that help spread the word about us! Hug your kitties for us!


watching old episodes of supernatural is like going back to the remains of your childhood home after it’s been burnt to the ground


how i deal with my feelings

  • never talk about them
  • barely acknowledge them
  • hope they go away
  • i don’t, basically
  • that’s what i’m saying
  • i do not deal with my feelings


Concept art and animation panels for Treasure Planet 2

Before Treasure Planet was shown in cinemas, Thomas Schumacher, then president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, mentioned the possibilities of having direct-to-video releases for Treasure Planet as well as a television series. He stated that they already had “a story and some storyboards and concepts up and a script for what a sequel to [Treasure Planet] could be,” and that they also had a “notion” of what the series would be.

Director Jun Falkenstein and screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos began early development on Treasure Planet 2. In the sequel, Jim Hawkins and Kate, his love interest and classmate at the Royal Interstellar Academy, must team with Long John Silver to stop the villainous Ironbeard from freeing the inmates of Botany Bay Prison Asteroid. Willem Dafoe was set to voice Ironbeard. The sequel was canceled when Treasure Planet disappointed at the box office.

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.

oh my gosh yessssssss



just two kids from brooklyn

Final edit (May 12th), I hope I didn’t wreck Leyendecker’s style! Details re:uniform under cut. [society6]

Thanks for supporting me through this: spacedocks, repulsor, liiiiiiing and schwarzbrot.

Uniform detail thanks to onheil-fergusonramblingsofanidiotgirl and kitten-in-mirkwood.

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every episode of hannibal
Jack: come look at these dead people
Will: i dont wanna
Will: also im having nightmares and i think i have a brain tumor
Hannibal: ur fine trust me im a doctor
Will: ok
Hannibal: here eat this
Will: wat is it
Hannibal: *looks at the camera like on The Office*
Bedelia: Hannibal no
Hannibal: Hannibal yes
--more laterer--
Will: ME 2
Hannibal: same
--final scene--
Will: ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!???????????? *DISTRESSED NOISES*
Hannibal: lol